Đầu đọc thẻ HF3-BT ( App Tuya )


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HF3-BT ( App Tuya )

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor,touch keypad
>One relay,1000 users (988 common users + 2 panic users +10 visitor users)
>Card Type:125KHz EM Card/13.56Mhz Mifare Card >Wiegand 26~44bits,56bits,58 bits input & output
>Can be used as Wiegand reader with LED & buzzer output
>User data can be transferred (except fingerprint users)
>Integrated alarm & Buzzer output >Built-in light dependent resistor(LDR) for anti tamper
>Backlit keypad,can set automatic OFF after 20 seconds
>2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors
>Bluetooth function or Big user capacitive for optional


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